Several restaurant table meetings between the three pillars of JGreen India took the shape of JGreen Power Private Limited on 24th April 2012, when it was formally incorporated as a private limited company under the Company Act of 1956. Since then it has been a great year with JGreen Power completing its preliminary research and feasibility study by documenting it in the form of a Techno Economic Feasibility Report. Soon it will be submitted to Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Odisha Limited (IPICOL), Government of Odisha seeking approval for establishment of the proposed power plant project.

JGreen Team congratulated each other and resolved to work hard to be the benchmark in the Indian power sector. In the absence of Chairman, who was away in Singapore attending in a business trip JGreen celebrated its first anniversary in the presence of other Directors and team members.

JGreen take this opportunity to thank all who have been closely associated with and have supported us in many ways. While we thank you at the same time we also want to let you know that we are confident that this is a beginning of a success story that will continue for many more years. We look forward to your continuous support in our entire endeavor.

Thanks a million for all your kind wishes.