Miyata SanJGreen India believes in the development of India. We strive for the sustainable development of Indian People and society with the help of our valued partners. Out motto is “using one’s wisdom to enrich the future”.

Recognizing the fact that India is rich in young and intelligent people, India is expected to grow dramatically in the coming decade. The demand of the developed India’s population will also grow side by side. Here JGreen wish to help India in coping with such demands. So JGreen’s vision is to fill the gap in demand be that Energy, Equipment or Entertainment.

To start with, we focus on filling the gap in Energy demand and supply in India in General and Odisha in particular. For the success of our endeavor we solicit your kind comments, criticisms, suggestion and inquiries through our contact us column.

Thanks from a friend of India.

Hironobu Miyata
Co-Founder, Chairman & MD
JGreen Power Private Limited