JGreen India started its journey from Tokyo in the year 2009 with one Japanese businessman meeting with a Indian couple and discussing about India. The Japanese Businessman was so influenced by the Indian culture, tradition and the potential to grow and at the same time the Indian couple were so impressed with the Japanese work culture,that the idea of a Japan-India collaboration came up to their mind where all of them had a dream to realize the dream, a billion Indians lives with. So JGreen India is a brainchild of these three individuals.

J stands for Japan, Green stands for Environment friendly and India stands for India as a base. To make it more clear JGreen’s goal is to use Japanese advanced technology in an Environment friendly way for the progress of India.

With an aim of venturing into many segments, JGreen India started with JGreen Power focusing on Energy sector in Odisha. The first was to establish a clean energy project at Orissa. This September the High Level Clearance Authority of Government of Orissa headed by the Honorable Chief Minister of Orissa gave the go ahead for JGreen Power’s 423MW LNG based power plant at Dhamara of Bhadrak District. With this JGreen is marching towards realizing its dream.

JGreen hope to redefine the contours of the power sector in India and is committed to generate India’s Power for generations to come. JGreen also thrives to see India progress not only in the business sense of the term but also in all social and economical parameters.

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