Hironobu Miyata

Function: Chairman & Managing Director
Age: 54
Nationality: Japanese
End of Current Mandate:2019 AGM


A Graduate in Law from Japan with a trail of entrepreneurship to his credit. He got publishing rights of Nintendo’s Pokémon in 1997 and diversified business spree into hotel industry by establishing Dreamparks Corporation Limited.

In between, he also pursued studies and advised on rice business. Thereafter he set up Rice Industry Corporation Limited in 2009, which supplied rice products to Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Association. Taking advantage of his diverse experience and industry contacts, he founded JGreen Corporation Limited in Japan with the objective of harnessing the benefit of advanced Japanese Technologies and infrastructure solutions in developing countries like India.

Since 24th April 2012 Mr. Miyata has been the Chairman of the Executive Board of JGreen Power.